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Why Supplement by Susan Froehlich

Nutritional-Supplements-Why-You-Should-TakeThe primary two reasons to supplement are as follows:

First, the Standard American Diet (SAD) is just that…rather “sad.”  As a nation, we tend to eat very poorly.  Ours is a convenience culture, where fast food and processed foods are so readily available, and tasty, that we, again, tend to make very poor diet choices. 

Secondly, even when we DO try to eat well, our food comes from nutrient-depleted, pesticide-and-herbacide-laden soil.  Truly nutritious, whole foods are the exception rather than the rule.

  How do you know what you really need?  What to supplement?

The answer is rather simple. Your nutritional status can be measured easily and accurately and it doesn’t have to be a guessing game.  You can be a smart consumer.  And as far as what to supplement?  The supplement industry with its many claims and slick commercials is an unregulated industry.  What’s on the label may or may not closely resemble what’s actually inside the bottle.  How do you know whether what you THINK you’re taking is what you’re REALLY taking?  Simple:  by using a product manufacturer you can trust.  We use only pharmaceutical-grade  products to ensure quality ingredients.  We have several supplements available here in our office. 

Feel free to ask for suggestions or to check out our line of products. 


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