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How Stocked Is Your Medicine Cabinet?


By: Dr. Rebecca Mogle

Do we really need a whole cabinet in our house dedicated to medicine? If the average medicine cabinet holds 40 medications, and the average household has 2.6 people filling an average of 12 prescriptions per year, as reported above, then yes, sadly, we do! After all, there are pills to “cure” just about anything that ails you, right?

Think about this: A woman goes to see her MD for insomnia. She begins taking Ambien to medicate her to sleep at night. She consequently develops respiratory problems and bronchitis, a known side-effect of Ambien and is resultantly prescribed an antibiotic for a lung infection. Her heart starts skipping beats, prompting her MD to put her on Sotalol for arrythmia. Shortly after, she develops seizures, and is put on Diazepam. Her insomnia returns, then depression begins.

This is a true story! A woman who is not on any medications finds herself taking 12 just five years later, all because she wasn’t getting enough vitamin B-12, which she eventually discovered caused her insomnia. She wasn’t Ambien deficient or Diazepam deficient after all!


My medicine cabinet holds homemade toothpaste, dental floss, a toothbrush, homemade deodorant, and zero medicine.  Cough drops, Advil, Ibuprofen, and any over-the-counter do not exist in my house.

How many drugs are in your medicine cabinet?

If you think it’s too many, come talk with us about your upcoming 2014 health goals.  The body is intelligently designed to heal itself — it needs no help, just no interference.

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