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Dr. Dan Bartley

Chiropractor Dr. Dan Bartley

Chiropractor Dr. Dan Bartley

Meet The Doctor

Dr. Dan Bartley, a graduate of National College of Chiropractic, has been a licensed Chiropractor since 1998. He is originally from Pennsylvania. After being in practice for 9 years, he began researching spinal decompression treatment for his mother who suffered with chronic low back pain. He saw how it was able to help her and keep her from undergoing a risky back surgery and has since been able to diagnose and successfully treat hundreds of other patients using this specialized treatment; while also continuing to practice traditional hands-on chiropractic techniques. He prides himself in his ability to relate to his patients and being able to use his knowledge and expertise to explain medical diagnoses in terms they can understand.

Life Outside the Practice

Dr. Bartley and his wife Nicole have two daughters. They’ve been a homeschooling family for 10 years which has given Dr. Bartley the opportunity to share his love of anatomy with home school students by leading dissection labs. The Bartley family has a heart for missions and perhaps their most life-changing experience was a mission trip to Nicaragua in 2012.

“Sports fanatic” is an understatement! Dr. Bartley began playing ball as a child, played minor league baseball in his early twenties, has been a pitching coach for a local high school team, and has most recently kept up with his love of the game by playing church league softball for their church in Naples. He also enjoys playing golf. In his spare time, he is either watching sports, playing sports, expanding his sports trivia knowledge, or keeping up with sports statistics.

An Experienced Chiropractor in Fishers

Dr Bartley was in practice for 19 years in Naples, FL before relocating to Indiana. He is thrilled to join the team at Seland Chiropractic Living Well Center and is looking forward to building a health care relationship with you. His gentle approach, knowledge, and expertise are the tri-fecta in chiropractic care. Call the Fisher’s office today to schedule your health care consultation.